My way through RavenDB Conference, Malmö 2014

Last week (18th of September 2014) I attended the RavenDB conference in Malmö, Sweden. As expected, the conference focused primarily on the upcoming release of the 3rd version of RavenDB, but it also included a use case talk (a successful story of implementing RavenDB in a high availability solution) given by Manuel Scapolan and Mauro Servienti.

In a cozy atmosphere, and surrounded by approximately 30 attendants, Oren Eini (aka Ayende, aka the god of RavenDB) briefly introduced us to the main upcoming features of RavenDB 3.0:

The conference also included talks by Michael Yarichuk (RavenDB contributor),  and Judah Himango (RavenDB’s HTML5 Studio Creator).

Having so many new features and enhancements, means that the RavenDB source code has changed, therefore obsoleting the parts that I studied. Therefore, I should probably get back to understanding these new features from the inside out by reviewing their mighty source code.

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