Peek into Goto Aarhus 2014 – Day 2

The first day of Goto Aarhus 2014 ended up with a James Bond themed dinner and party. The James Bond theme had little to no advertisement, therefore, not a lot of people dressed up to meet the theme, and the only few that did looked a bit out of place. Leaving the theme aside, the food was good and the party was a success.

The second day began with Russ Olsen giving a very inspiring presentation labeled “To the moon” (link from another conference here). The presentation was a success, as he managed to get us all to forget about our daily programming issues and just be proud of us, as we are kinda driving a lot of things happening in the world right now (planes, factories, etc).

Moving forward in the day, I got to watch Matias Niemelä give a presentation labeled “Enhanced Front-end Applications in AngularJS 1.3”. I was having high hopes of this presentation, especially because Matias is a core developer of AngularJS. However, the disappointment quickly installed as he progressed through his slides. This was because he divided his presentation in two, the first half was used to introduce us to AngularJS and the second part to show us some of the new features of AngularJS. His plan sounds good on paper, as the first half will introduce the technology, and the second would take you to the edge of it. However the implementation was a bit “uncool”, this is because the time that he had was of course limited, and his presentation was extremely code heavy. Therefore he was just running through the slides, throwing code left and right, all this while us, the audience, could not keep up with him, and we ended up only appreciating his fast keyboard handling abilities. The audience actually tried to get him to slow down, however, he could not be decelerated.

Further on, the day progressed with Chris Atherton briefly introducing us to how the human brain works, specifically orientated on the visual/eyesight part. As expected, the presentation focused on how should information be structured when presented to the user, so that calls to action can be easily observed.

The conference is slowly progressing to the end and I am now attending the closing keynote. After the keynote, off I will be to a 2 hours introduction to Xamarin by James Montemagno.

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