My way through GOTO Aarhus 2014 – Day 2

Deciding the path that I will take through the first day of GOTO Aarhus 2014 was difficult, but it now proves to have been nothing in comparison with deciding the second day. For every time slot in the schedule I have at least two different presentations that I would like to attend, however, since I am not living in the world of quantum mechanics and I cannot be in two places at the same time I need to slice and dice, and most important, decide. Here we go:

New Linting Rules, by Kyle Simpson

This promises to be a hardcore and code-heavy exploration of JavaScript. Kyle even issued a warning to the attendees, recommending they have strong knowledge and understanding of the language. Myself, I don’t qualify to be regarded as a suitable attendee for his presentation, as my knowledge and understanding of JS is at a basic level, but I enjoy being challenged and explore the hard parts, because if you understand the hard parts, you will also understand the easy parts.

Enhanced Front-end Applications in AngularJS 1.3, by Matias Niemelä

Even though I mastered the CodeSchool AngularJS course, I am far away from being proficient with this exquisite technology. Getting an introduction to the new features, and general guidance from one of the core developers of AngularJS is more than welcomed :)

UX for mobile: it’s all about attention, by Chris Atherton

Undoubtable, the research in user experience, user behavior and attention span, is now being used to persuade us to buy more, and click more ads. You cannot consider yourself a true software ninja without having some knowledge in this field.

Where’s Captain Kirk? Charting a Course Through Enterprise Architecture, by Eva Andreasson, Kevlin Henney, Ola Bini, and Randy Shoup

Enterprise architecture, such a fancy congregation of words, used mostly to describe the modern version of spaghetti code, except that now we don’t jump from one section of code to another, but instead from one application to another. Everybody has to understand and agree that enterprise architecture is important, and care must be taken when defining it.

Apart from the conference, GOTO Aarhus also features two days of training on Wednesday (1st of October),  and Thursday (2nd of October).

That was it for now, remember to stay tuned, as there will be more posts, live from the conference!!

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